International contacts: your gateway to the world

Want to exchange views with people from every corner of the earth? When you study in Trier, you will meet young people from more than 100 countries. Trier is the city in the heart of Europe. Students from around the world are drawn by the beguiling combination of Roman heritage and lively modern-day city. At the campus university set in expansive grounds, you will soon find your feet – and you will always find a relaxing corner too.

… a good base for getting away

Looked at another way, Trier also makes a great starting point for study trips and travel abroad. Both universities enjoy excellent international links, so you will have every opportunity to spend one or more semesters at a partner university or complete a work placement elsewhere in the world.

Information for students from abroad coming to Trier:

– University of Trier
– Trier University of Applied Sciences
– Studiwerk: Service package for students from abroad

Information for Trier students wishing to go abroad:

– University of Trier
– Trier University of Applied Sciencesr